If God made you a horse girl,

He made you capable of hard things.

He made you strong enough to sling hay bales, but also strong enough to cope with loss, frustration, and disappointment when things get rough.

He made you tough. Not only tough enough to finish the day after you got bucked off, but also tough enough to smile right after someone criticized something you put your heart and soul in to.

He also made you soft. Gentle enough to use a whisper when a word would be too loud.

Most people do not think tough and soft can go together, but you know otherwise.

He also made you intuitive. Capable of listening and discerning subtle cues that let you know what a horse or a human is feeling, even when most others are unaware.

He gave you the endurance for long work days and driving through the night when horses and people are counting on you to be somewhere. And, he gave you the endurance to keep walking it out when you can’t even glimpse the finish line.

He gave you the determination to go up against circumstances that most people look at as impossible, or at the very least not worth the extreme amount of work it would take to achieve.

Make sure you recognize the value of these gifts. Keep a tight grip on them at all times, especially when this fallen world tries to rip them from your hands.

If God made you a horse girl,

He made you capable of hard things.

Keep going.

📸5MW Photography

(Written by Lyndsi Pratt – please link back when sharing)